It’s My Favorite Thing To Do And My Favorite Place To Be!

A huge thank you to Christina Angelicola, who worked as our Public Relation/Development Intern this summer! With her innovative approach, she was extremely successful in helping with our outreach and social media efforts. Below is Christina’s final blog post.

The Square Foot Theatre is home to many talented and artistic people. These actors range in ages from as young as five years old, to middle aged adults. Amongst all the talent, I met two actors whose love and passion for theatre and SFT can be seen through their dedication and devotion.

FullSizeRenderI first interviewed Joey Rebeschi, an 11 year-old who knew from a very young age that he was meant to be involved in theatre and acting. “It all started on a rainy day in the fall of 2008. I saw an ad in the paper for theatre and decided I was going to take a class”, said Joey. When asked what his favorite part of the theatre, his response was automatic, “There’s so much! But acting, of course!” He then added, “SFT has been so much fun. It’s my favorite thing to do and favorite place to be.” Joey’s confidence can be seen beyond his many roles that he’s played throughout the years. He explained that he has developed a handful of friendships from the theatre, which is not hard to believe because of his outgoing and charismatic personality. Aside from his talent of acting, Joey also plays the violin. His ambition will continue to grow and blossom; he is beyond his years.

Following Joey, I interviewed Matt Pagliaro, who is an adult cast member. Matt has no issue finding the time for the theatre, even with his hectic schedule. I first started the interview with a simple question: How did you get involved with SFT? Matt replied with a smile. “My friend Mark did Les Mes. He said they were going to do Rent so I decided to audition. One show turned into three and here I am today.”

IMG_2805I found his answer to be intriguing, so I then continued with this: What do you love most about theatre? “I love theatre; I have no better answer. I’m much more well versed back stage, I like to direct and work with the crew. Acting was always something I wanted to do when I was young, and now I get to pursue that dream. It’s important to have this in a community.” He quoted an alumni of the university he attended, stating, “Everyone sees Broadway as the top- it doesn’t have to be that way. You can make anywhere you are Broadway, it’s all about your love and passion.”