An Open Letter To My Theatre Family

Dear Theatre Family,

A “theatre family” is not something easy to explain. We’re not like co-workers who get along when they have to, but often can’t wait to escape each other’s company. We’re not like the friends you make at school, because those bonds can take years to grow nearly as deep as ours. A “theatre family” is different. We get to know one another on such a deep level so quickly. Theatre, being such an immersive, emotional experience, forces us to expose our truest colors whether we want to or not. Even if our rehearsal period only spans a few months, we often still grow to learn each other’s nuances, quirks, deepest secrets, and so much more. We’ve seen each other at our highest of highs and lowest of lows, and yet we still love, respect and support one another.

Thank you accepting me, when I joined your ranks, as one of your own without any hesitation or reservations. Thank you for taking the time to include me, to laugh with me, to run lines with me, for picking me up for rehearsal when I can’t get there on my own. As a part of this family, I have continued to see this kind of support given to more and more new performers without fail, and I think that that is what makes us so special. We are not co-workers. We are not just friends. We are a family, a unit. We function better together than we do individually. And though I may complain about going to rehearsal, I really do miss you guys when I’m not around you, though I may not always show it.

There’s a reason I keep coming back to the theatre, and that reason is my theatre family. I owe you guys who I am, and can’t wait to see where our future performances will take us.


Your fellow performer and forever friend


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