An Open Thank You Note to SFT

Dear SFT: I’ll miss you.

You have provided me a wonderful opportunity this summer – to get back to my roots. I was the community theatre kid growing up, traveling from company to company attempting to perform in shows whenever I had the time. Moving to NYC is recognized by many as a huge change, but it’s even bigger than many people realize. Living in NYC breeds a whole new outlook on life. You are thrown with such force into everything you are and everything you do. You become the most heightened version of yourself possible. In that process, even though it may seem like it would help you become more “yourself”, it sometimes does the opposite.  But growing up, theatre kept me grounded. It taught me motivation and implanted in me a strong work ethic, not to mention providing me with a passion and countless relationships. I had forgotten what it truly meant to be a part of a theatre family until I came back to SFT.

A “theatre family” – that’s a term that’s been thrown and tossed about a great deal throughout this summer. It’s a family like no other, one that really makes you feel accepted and as if you are a vital part of something bigger than yourself. I have never felt more accepted in a theatre company than I have at SFT. I was welcomed with open arms, and sent off with hugs, love, and a renewed spark. I really feel like I was an important part of the theatre in my time here, as I know everyone who walks through those theatre doors does.

Thanks, SFT, for reminding me of the true beauty of theatre. I owe you a lot, and I’ll definitely be back. Our journey does not end here!

“We cannot know what will occur, just make our journey worth the taking, and pray we’re wiser than we were in the beginning.” – Children of Eden

With love,

Caroline Thompson

SFT Performer/Summer Business Intern, 2016